Southeast Georgia Fellowship Meeting

Here are the audio recordings of the sermons preached at our Fellowship Meeting on Friday and Saturday, along with the singing social on Friday night.

Friday 07-08-2022

2022-07-08 Friday AM Elder Kenneth Nowell

2022-07-08 Friday AM Elder Paul Evans

2022-07-08 Friday AM Elder Randall Cagle

2022-07-08 Friday PM Elder Lamar Burkett

2022-07-08 Friday PM Elder Herb Newsome

2022-07-08 Friday PM Song Social

Saturday 07-09-2022

2022-07-09 Saturday AM Elder Paul Evans

2022-07-09 Saturday AM Elder Brad Hansard

2022-07-09 Saturday AM Elder Herb Newsome

2022-07-09 Saturday PM Elder Kenneth Nowell

2022-07-09 Saturday PM Elder Charles Godwin