Our song services are a capella we use the Lloyd Hymnal, the Old School Hymnal, and the Sacred Harp books. The Lloyd Hymnal is our main hymnal.

The recordings below are of our Song Services from our Sunday meetings unless otherwise noted.

Audio Recordings

May 2020

2020-05-24 Song Service: Lloyd Hymnal

2020-05-17 Song Service; Lloyd Hymnal

2020-05-10 Song Service; Lloyd Hymnal

April 2020

04-05-2020 We did not have a song service because of Covid-19 Restrictions

March 2020

2020-03-29 Song Service; Lloyd Hymnal

2020-03-22 Song Service; Lloyd Hymnal

2020-03-15 Song Service

2020-03-08 Song Service

February 2020

2020-03-01 Song Service; Lloyd Hymnal

2020-02-23 Song Service

2020-02-16 Song Service

2020-02-09 Song Service

2020-02-02 Song Service

2020-01-26 Song Service

2020-01-19 Song Service

2020-01-12 Song Service

2020-01-05 Song Service

New Years Eve Sing 2020

2020 New Years Eve; Session A: Sacred Harp

2020 New Years Eve; Session B: Lloyd Hymnal

2020 New Years Eve; Session C: Sacred Harp

2020 New Years Eve; Session D: Lloyd Hymnal