We record our worship services and break the audio files up into different files as follows:

  • Opening Remarks, Song, and Prayer
  • Each individual sermon
  • Closing Remarks, Song, and Prayer

Audio Files

2022-07-03 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-07-03 Terry Herrin: Nothing But The Blood; 1Peter 1:18-19

2022-07-03 Clarke Lee: Twelve Manner Of Fruits; Rev 2:2

2022-07-03 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-26 Opening Remarks and Prayer

2022-06-26 Clarke Lee: The High Mountain; Isaiah 40 Verse 9

2022-06-26 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 8, Matthew 27

2022-06-26 Closing Remarks and Prayer

2022-06-19 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-19 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 7

2022-06-19 Clarke Lee: I Have Written Unto You, Fathers; 1John 2:14

2022-06-19 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-12 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-12 Clarke Lee: The Depravity Of Disobedience To God; Luke 8:26-40

2022-06-12 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 6 Luke 8:40-56

2022-06-12 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-05 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-05 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 5, Luke 7:11-18

2022-06-05 Clarke Lee: As He Is; 1John 4:17

2022-06-05 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-29 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-29 Clarke Lee: Thy Light Is Come; Isaiah 60 Verses 1-12

2022-05-29 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 4

2022-05-29 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-22 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-22 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve, Part 3; 2Kings 4 Verses 8-37

2022-05-22 Clarke Lee: Jesus Teaching Evangelism; Luke Chapters 10 & 22

2022-05-22 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-15 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-15 Clarke Lee: Come and See; John 1:43-51

2022-05-15 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve – Part 2; 1Kings 17

2022-05-15 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-08 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-08 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Various Scriptures

2022-05-08 Clarke Lee: Who Shall Ascend; Psalm 24

2022-05-08 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-01 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-05-01 Clarke Lee: The Opened Door In Heaven; Revelation 4:1-11 & Various Scriptures

2022-05-01 Terry Herrin: Take Up Your Cross And Follow Him; Various Scriptures

2022-05-01 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-04-24 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-04-24 Terry Herrin: Purifying and Purging; John 3 Verses 18-27

2022-04-24 Clarke Lee: Works and Fruits; Galatians Chapters 2 & 5 & Various Scriptures

2022-04-24 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-04-17 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-04-17 Clarke Lee: Taking Away Purging and Fruitfulness; John Chapter 15

2022-04-17 Terry Herrin: He Is Risen

2022-04-17 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

Annual Meeting AM Services

2022-04-02 AM: Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-04-02 AM: Elder Jonathan Moseley; 2Timothy Chapter 1

2022-04-02 AM: Closing Remarks Song Prayer

Annual Meeting PM Service

2022-04-02 PM: Elder Jason Deal; John 16:33

2022-04-02 PM: Elder Jonathan Moseley; James Chapter 1

2022-04-02 PM: Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-27 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-27 Terry Herrin: Are You Ready; Mathew 25:1-13

2022-03-27 Clarke Lee: Writing On The Ground; John 8:1-11

2022-03-27 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-20 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-20 Clarke Lee: A Testimony of Jesus; Psalm 112

2022-03-20 Terry Herrin: Wheat and Tares; Matthew 13

2022-03-20 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-13 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-13 Terry Herrin: What Are We To Do; Jude 1:17-25

2022-03-13 Clarke Lee: The Wilderness Way; Various Scriptures

2022-03-13 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-06 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-03-06 Clarke Lee: Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet; Psalm 119:105-111

2022-03-06 Terry Herrin: The Crossing of Jordan; Joshua Chapter 05

2022-03-06 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-27 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-27 Terry Herrin: Followers of Christ Philippians; Chapter 3

2022-02-27 Clarke Lee: He Knoweth Nothing Yet As He Ought To Know; 1Corinthians Chapter 08

2022-02-27 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-20 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-20 Clarke Lee: For We Are Saved By Hope; Romans 08:01-25

2022-02-20 Terry Herrin: Laborers Together; Various Scriptures

2022-02-20 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-13 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-13 Terry Herrin: Unconditional Salvation; Acts 2

2022-02-13 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-06 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-06 Clarke Lee: The Salvation of the Samaritan Woman; John 4:03-43

2022-02-06 Terry Herrin: Shine On; Matthew 5:14-16

2022-02-06 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-01-30 Terry Herrin: The Book of Life; Various Scriptures

2022-01-30 Clarke Lee: How Hard and Rugged is the Way; Various Scriptures

2022-01-23 Clarke Lee: Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit Psalm; 31:5

2022-01-23 Elder Terry Herrin: I Need Thee Every Hour

2022-01-16 Elder Terry Herrin: Never Finally Fall Away; Hebrews 6:4-6

2022-01-16 Elder Clarke Lee: Encouragement in the Lord; 1Timothy 1:18-20

2022-01-09 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalms 47; Spoke Extemporaneous

2022-01-09 Elder Terry Herrin: In Christ; Ephesians 01-07

2022-01-02 Elder Terry Herrin: Wake Up

2022-01-02 PM: Elder Clarke Lee; Passover and Communion

2021-12-26 Elder Clarke Lee: Paul’s Confession; 1Timothy 1:08-17

2021-12-26 Elder Herrin: The Parable of the Sower

2021-12-19 Elder Terry Herrin: Who Is Christ to You? Matthew 16:15-17

2021-12-19 Elder Clarke Lee: God’s Love the Motivating Force; 1Timothy 1:01-07

2021-12-12 Elder Clarke Lee: And Pharaoh Called Joseph’s Name Zaphnathpaaneah; Genesis 41:37-46

2021-12-12 Elder Terry Herrin: Jesus Christ the Only Sure Foundation

2021-12-05 Elder Terry Herrin: A Touch From The Master; Matthew 12:43-45

2021-12-05 Elder Clarke Lee: David’s Answered Prayer; Psalm 40 Verses 01-06

2021-11-28 Elder Clarke Lee: Where is Your Faith? Psalms 49

2021-11-28 Elder Terry Herrin: Psalm 100

2021-11-21 Pastor Terry Herrin: The Gift Of Believing; John 11 Verse 39

2021-11-21 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph A Portrait of Jesus; Part 4 of 4

2021-11-14 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph A Portrait of Jesus; Part 3 of 4

2021-11-07 Elder Terry Herrin: Jesus The Good Shepherd; John 10

2021-11-07 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph a Portrait of Jesus; Part 2 of 4; Genesis 37:05-11

2021-10-31 Elder Clarke Lee: The Preferential Love of the Father; Part 1 of 4; Genesis 37:01-04

2021-10-24 Elder Terry Herrin: Its All About Jesus; John 5:39-47

2021-10-17 Elder Clarke Lee: Within The Veil; Various Scriptures

2021-10-10 Elder Terry Herrin: Don’t Be Weary; John 4

2021-10-10 Elder Clarke Lee: Walking in Spirit; Various Scriptures

2021-10-03 Clarke Lee: It is Finished; James 1:15; John 19:30

2021-10-03 Elder Terry Herrin: God Was Satisfied; Various Scriptures

2021-09-26 Elder Terry Herrin: Go Tell; Psalms 40:01-10

2021-09-26 Clarke Lee: There Lacketh Not a Man Of Us; Numbers 31:48-49

2021-09-19 Elder Clarke Lee: How Are You Born Again? Various Scriptures

2021-09-19 Pastor Terry Herrin: Fear Not; Deuteronomy 31:1-7

2021-09-12 Terry Herrin: Praise The Lord; Isaiah 12

2021-09-12 Clarke Lee: The King That Faithfully Judgeth The Poor; Proverbs 29:14

2021-09-05 Clarke Lee: The Veil Of The Temple Rent; Matthew 27:51

2021-09-05 Terry Herrin: What A Day That Will Be; Luke 23:32-43

2021-08-29 Elder Terry Herrin: A Blessing Or A Curse; Isaiah 1:01-20

2021-08-22 Elder Clarke Lee: They Shall Come To Me; John 6:37

2021-08-22 Elder Terry Herrin: Sacrificing Our Tongue To The Lord

2021-08-15 Elder Terry Herrin: A Certain Hope; Various Scriptures

2021-08-15 Elder Clarke Lee: God’s Glory Is Upon Thee; Isaiah 60:1-7 & Various Scriptures

2021-08-08 Elder Clarke Lee: The Revelation of the Transfiguration; Matthew 16:28 & various Scriptures

2021-08-08 Elder Terry Herrin: Love Your Neighbor; Proverbs 24:15-18 & Various Scriptures

2021-07-25 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalms 29; Give unto the LORD, O ye Mighty

2021-07-25 Elder Terry Herrin: What is Faith; Romans 4

2021-07-18 Elder Terry Herrin: The Power of Resurrection; Various Scriptures

2021-07-18 Elder Clarke Lee: Seed of the Woman; Genesis 3:14-15 & Various Scriptures

2021-07-11 Elder Jerry Lightsey: The Lord is my Shepherd; His Testimony

2021-07-11 Clarke Lee: The Invisible Monument; Joshua 4:9

2021-07-04 Clarke Lee: The Gift Of God; John 6:37-40

2021-07-04 PM Terry Herrin: Supper Table

2021-06-27 Terry Herrin: Comfort Ye; 2Cor 01:01-04

2021-06-27 Clarke Lee: Numbers 17; The Fruitful Rod

2021-06-20 Clarke Lee: Give unto the Lord; 1Chronicles verses 1-30

2021-06-20 Terry Herrin: Hope thou In God; Psalms 42

2021-06-13 Elder Terry Herrin Laying Up Treasures

2021-06-13 Elder Clarke Lee: The True Vine

2021-06-06 Elder Clarke Lee: The Song of songs; Song of Solomon 1:1-4

2021-05-30 Elder Clarke Lee: Sing Unto The LORD A New Song; Psalms 148

2021-05-30 Elder Terry Herrin: Matters of the Heart; Matthew 5 Verses 17-20

2021-05-23 Elder Terry Herrin: But To Fulfill; Matthew 5:17-18

2021-05-23 Elder Clarke Lee: Two Promises Two Families; Various Scriptures

2021-05-16 Elder Shane O’Neal: The Measuring Stick; Various Scriptures

2021-05-09 Clarke Lee: Two Mothers Two Churches; Several Scriptures beginning in Genesis 29:13-35

2021-05-09 Elder Terry Herrin: Be Ye Salt and Light; Matthew 5:13-16

2021-05-02 Elder Terry Herrin: Matthew 5:10-12; Persecution for Righteousness Sake