We record our worship services and break the audio files up into four different files:

  • Opening Remarks, Song, and Prayer
  • Each individual sermon
  • Closing Remarks, Song, and Prayer

Audio Files

2020-09-20 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-09-20 Elder Terry Herrin: Matthew 14:13-33 Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

2020-09-20 Elder Clarke Lee: Salvation is an Ongoing Process; Various Scriptures

2020-09-20 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-09-13 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-09-13 Elder Clarke Lee: Planting and Harvest; Various Scriptures

2020-09-13 Elder Terry Herrin: 2Corinthians 4:01-10; We have Come to far to turn back now

2020-09-13 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-09-06 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-09-06 Elder Terry Herrin: Rev 14; Worship Him

2020-09-06 Elder Clarke Lee: On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand

2020-09-06 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-30 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-30 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalm 21; Thy Right Hand Shall Find Out Those That Hate Thee

2020-08-30 Elder Terry Herrin: Various Scriptures: Happy Happy Happy

2020-08-30 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-23 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-23; Elder Terry Herrin: Romans 8 & Various Scriptures; To Be Spiritually Minded Is Life And Peace

2020-08-23: Elder Clarke Lee: Luke 9:56; But to Save Them

2020-08-23 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-16 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-08-16 Elder Clarke Lee; John 14: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

2020-08-09 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-09 Elder Clarke Lee: The Garden Relationship; Various Scriptures

2020-08-02 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-08-02 Elder Terry Herrin: 1Peter 2:9; Let His Marvelous Light Shine

2020-08-02 Elder Clarke Lee: Proverbs 10:2; Treasures

2020-08-02 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-26 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-26 Elder Clarke Lee; Proverbs 10:1; The Wise Son

2020-07-26 Elder Terry Herrin; Mark 10:17; Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

2020-07-26 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-19 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-19 Elder Terry Herrin; Mark 10:17 What Shall I Do

2020-07-19 Elder Clarke Lee; John 2:1-11 Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do It

2020-07-19 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-12 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-12 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalm 14:1; The Fool Hath Said in His Heart

2020-07-12 Elder Terry Herrin: Micah 4; All Things New

2020-07-12 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-05 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-07-05 Elder Terry Herrin: Keeping the Ordinances; 1Cor 11

2020-07-05 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-06-28 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-06-28 Elder Terry Herrin: All to Jesus; Mark 14 and Other Scriptures

2020-06-28 Elder Clarke Lee: Sinner O Why So thoughtless Grown: Ezekiel 33:11

2020-06-28 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-06-21 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-06-21 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalm 120; Deliverance from Deceit

2020-06-21 Elder Terry Herrin: Joel 2; Blow the Trumpet

2020-06-21 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-06-14 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-06-14 Elder Terry Herrin: 2Peter 3; More About Jesus

2020-06-14 Elder Clarke Lee: Isaiah 40:12 How Big is Your God?

2020-06-14 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-06-07 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-06-07 Elder Clarke Lee: Mark 16:15; Preach the Gospel to Every Creature

2020-06-07 Elder Terry Herrin: Break Up Your Fallow Ground: Hosea 10:12 and Various Scriptures

2020-06-07 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-31 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-31 Elder Clarke Lee: Isaiah 40:01-05; Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

2020-05-31 Elder Jimmy Brannen: Isaiah 02

2020-05-31 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-24 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-24 Elder Terry Herrin: The Lord is my Rock; 2Samuel 22:2 & Various Scriptures

2020-05-24 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-17 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-17 Elder Terry Herrin: 2Samuel 22; Call upon the Lord

2020-05-17 Elder Shane O’Neal; Various Scriptures; Salvation Secured by Jesus Christ

2020-05-17 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-10 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-10 Elder Terry Herrin; Jesus, The Sweetest Name I Know

2020-05-10 Elder Clarke Lee; Luke 15:11-24; The Father’s Son

2020-05-10 Closing Song, Remarks, Prayer

2020-05-03 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-05-03 Elder Terry Herrin: Jeremiah 11; For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

2020-05-03 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-26 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-26 Elder Terry Herrin: The Local Church; Matthew 16:13-20 and Various Scriptures

2020-04-26 Elder Clarke Lee: The Old Path and the Good Way; Jeremiah 6:16 and other scriptures

2020-04-26 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-19 Pastor Herrin; Opening Remarks, Reading of Psalm 84, Song, Prayer

2020-04-19 Elder Shane O’Neal from Big Creek PB Church: Believe in God; Various Scriptures

2020-04-19 Elder Clarke Lee; The Sceptre

2020-04-19 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-04-12 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-12 Pastor Terry Herrin: 1Corinthians 15; Because He Lives

2020-04-12 Clarke Lee: 2Timothy 2:19; The Foundation, the Seal, and the Knowledge of God

2020-04-12 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-05 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-04-05 Elder Terry Herrin: Psalm 103; Bless the Lord, O My Soul

2020-04-05 Clarke Lee: At Anchor Laid; Various Scriptures

2020-04-05 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-29 Opening Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-03-29 Elder Terry Herrin: Pastoral Comments and Various Scriptures

2020-03-29 Clarke Lee: Instant & Suddenly; Isaiah 29:01-08

2020-03-29 Closing Song, Prayer

2020-03-22 Opening Scripture, Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-03-22 Elder Clarke Lee: The Sword of the Lord; Judges 7 & Various Scriptures

2020-03-22 Elder Terry Herrin: Thus Saith The Lord; Various Scriptures

2020-03-22 Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer

2020-03-15 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-15 Terry Herrin; Seek Ye The Lord

2020-03-15 Clarke-Numbers 10 Verses 9-10 The Trumpet of Alarm

2020-03-15 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-08 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-08 Clarke-Genesis 1 verses 28-29 Gods Foreknowledge in Creation

2020-03-08 Terry-Fear Thou Not

2020-03-08 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-01 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2020-03-01 Terry – Matthew 5 & 6

2020-03-01 Closing Remarks Song Prayer