We record our worship services and share the audio of the individual sermons on this page.

Audio Files

2023-05-14 Clarke Lee: And Make Men Go Over Dryshod; Isaiah 11:15

2023-05-14 Terry Herrin: To God Be The Glory; 1 Peter 1:21

2023-05-07 Terry Herrin: By Jesus 1Peter 1

2023-05-07 Clarke Lee: And The Glory Of The LORD Filled The Tabernacle

2023-04-30 Clarke Lee: Weep Not For Me But For Yourselves; Luke 23:28

2023-04-30 Terry Herrin: Redeemed; 1 Peter 1:18-19

2023-04-23 Terry Herrin: Be Ye Holy; 1 Peter Chapter 1

2023-04-23 Clarke Lee: Bearing The Cross Of Jesus

2023-04-16 Clarke Lee: Let Him Kiss Me; Song Of Solomon 1:2

2023-04-16 Terry Herrin: Oh What A Day

2023 Annual Meeting Services

Saturday AM Services

2023-04-01 Song Service AM

2023-04-01 Elder Jonathan Mosley AM

Saturday PM Services

2023-04-01 Song Service PM

2023-04-01 Elder Aubrey Pierce PM

2023-04-01 Elder Chris Folsom PM

Sunday AM Services

2023-04-02 Song Service AM

2023-04-02 Elder J E Griffis AM

Sunday PM Communion Service Messages

2023-04-02 Clarke Lee: Song; Why Unleavend Bread; Prayer

2023-04-02 Terry Herrin: Wine Message and Prayer

2023-03-26 Terry Herrin

2023-03-26 Clarke Lee: Let These Go Their Way; John 18:01-09

2023-03-19 Clarke Lee: Ten Lepers; Luke 17 Verses 12-19

2023-03-19 Terry Herrin: Joy Unspeakable

2023-03-12 Terry Herrin: Kept; 1 Peter 1:5

2023-03-12 Clarke Lee: Therefore Let Us Not Sleep; 1 Thessolonians 5:6

2023-03-05 Clarke Lee: Hosanna Blessed is the King of Israel; John 12:01-16

2023-03-05 Terry Herrin: Goings On The Mulberry Trees

2023-02-26 Terry Herrin: Blessed Be The Lord

2023-02-26 Clarke Lee: The Wrath To Come; Matthew 3 Verse 7

2023-02-19 Clarke Lee: The Well Lahairoi

2023-02-19 Terry Herrin: Turn From The World

2023-02-12 Terry Herrin: The Apostles Doctrine

2023-02-12 Clarke Lee: Psalms 10; Why?

2023-02-05 Clarke Lee: Fall On This Stone; Matthew 21 verse 44

2023-02-05 Terry Herrin: Life and Times of Apostle Peter

2023-01-29 Clarke Lee: The LORD Is My Shepherd; Psalms 23

2023-01-22 Terry Herrin: To Live Is Christ

2023-01-22 Clarke Lee: Let Him That Stole Steal No More; Ephesians 4:28

2023-01-15 Clarke Lee: The Iniquity Of The Holy Things; Exodus 28 Verse 38

2023-01-15 Terry Herrin: Keep It Simple

2023-01-08 Terry Herrin: Seek Ye The Old Paths

2023-01-08 Clarke Lee: Keep My Commandments And Live; Proverbs 4:4

2023-01-01 Clarke Lee: Ends and Beginnings; Ecclesiastes 7:8

2023-01-01 Sunday Terry Herrin Be Bold

2022-12-25 Terry Herrin: Free Indeed

2022-12-25 Clarke Lee: Behold, I Have Graven Thee Upon The Palms Of My Hands; Isaiah 49:16

2022-12-18 Clarke Lee: I Will Lay Thy Foundations With Sapphires; Isaiah 54:11

2022-12-18 Terry Herrin: What Child Is This

2022-12-11 Terry Herrin: Christmas Time

2022-12-11 Clarke Lee: It Shall Not Return Unto Me Void: Isaiah 55:11

2022-12-04 Clarke Lee: Article 7 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-12-04 Terry Herrin: Give Thanks Unto The Lord

November 27, 2022 Clarke was filling in at Zion PBC in Brunswick and we do not have the audio recording. You can go to our Facebook page for the live recording.

November 20, 2022 Clarke was filling in at Zion PBC in Brunswick and we do not have the audio recording. You can go to our Facebook page for the live recording.

2022-11-13 Terry Herrin: Sanctified, Preserved, Called; Jude 1:1

2022-11-13 Clarke Lee: Article 6 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-11-06 Clarke Lee: Article 5 of The Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-11-06 Terry Herrin: Repent Ye part 2

2022-10-30 Terry Herrin: Repent Ye

2022-10-30 Clarke Lee: Article 4 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-10-23 Clarke Lee: Article 3 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-10-23 Terry Herrin: Blessed Are The Chosen

2022-10-16 Terry Herrin: In Christ Shall All Be Made Alive 1Cor 15:22-23

2022-10-16 Clarke Lee: Article 2 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-10-09 Clarke Lee Article 1 of the Articles of Faith of Mars Hill Church

2022-10-09 Terry Herrin: God the Father Son and Holy Ghost

2022-10-02 October AM Terry Herrin: Do All To The Glory of God

2022-10-02 October AM Clarke Lee: Blessed is the Man; Psalm 1

2022-10-02 October PM Communion Message Terry Herrin:
Do All As Unto The Lord

2022-10-02 October PM Communion Message Clarke Lee: Self-righteousness versus Total Depravity; Leviticus 13:13

2022-09-25 Clarke Lee: Trumpets Pitchers and Lamps; Judges 7:16-22

2022-09-25 Terry Herrin: Making Melody in Your Hearts; Ephesians 5:19-21

2022-09-18 Terry Herrin: What A Day That Will Be; Various scriptures

2022-09-18 Clarke Lee: Thy Lovingkindness Is Better Than Life; Psalm 63

2022-09-11 Clarke Lee: Heirs and Joint Heirs; Romans 8:16-19

2022-09-04 Terry Herrin: Oh What A Saviour; Revelation 5

2022-09-04 Clarke Lee: God’s Better Provision; Hebrews 11:39

2022-08-28 Clarke Lee Psalm 135 Gods Repentance

2022-08-28 Terry Heaven: Thinking About Heaven; Revelation 5

2022-08-21 Terry Herrin: Oh What A Saviour; John 6:35-40

2022-08-21 Clarke Lee: The Sinners Hope; Various Scriptures

2022-08-14 Clarke Lee: Worldly Faith Versus Biblical, Spiritual, Faith; Matthew, Mark, & Luke

2022-08-14 Terry Herrin Except a Man be Born of the Water and the Spirit

2022-08-07 Elder Terry Herrin: Let Me Tell You About The Mighty God We Serve; Ephesians 4

2022-07-31 Terry Herrin: What a Mighty God We Serve; continued

2022-07-31 Clarke Lee: Understanding Faith And The Bible; includes the closing for the song and additional remarks.

2022-07-24 Clarke Lee: Put Off Thy Shoes From Off Thy Feet; Exodus 3:5

2022-07-24 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Series Conclusion

2022-07-17 Terry Herrin: What a Mighty God We Serve; Part 10

2022-07-17 Clarke Lee: His Compassions Fail Not; Lamentations 3:22

2022-07-10 Clarke Lee: The Sun Moon and Stars Darkened; Joel

2022-07-10 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 9

2022-07-03 Terry Herrin: Nothing But The Blood; 1Peter 1:18-19

2022-07-03 Clarke Lee: Twelve Manner Of Fruits; Rev 2:2

2022-06-26 Clarke Lee: The High Mountain; Isaiah 40 Verse 9

2022-06-26 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 8, Matthew 27

2022-06-19 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 7

2022-06-19 Clarke Lee: I Have Written Unto You, Fathers; 1John 2:14

2022-06-12 Clarke Lee: The Depravity Of Disobedience To God; Luke 8:26-40

2022-06-12 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 6 Luke 8:40-56

2022-06-12 Closing Remarks Song Prayer

2022-06-05 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 5, Luke 7:11-18

2022-06-05 Clarke Lee: As He Is; 1John 4:17

2022-05-29 Clarke Lee: Thy Light Is Come; Isaiah 60 Verses 1-12

2022-05-29 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Part 4

2022-05-22 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve, Part 3; 2Kings 4 Verses 8-37

2022-05-22 Clarke Lee: Jesus Teaching Evangelism; Luke Chapters 10 & 22

2022-05-15 Clarke Lee: Come and See; John 1:43-51

2022-05-15 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve – Part 2; 1Kings 17

2022-05-08 Terry Herrin: What A Mighty God We Serve; Various Scriptures

2022-05-08 Clarke Lee: Who Shall Ascend; Psalm 24

2022-05-01 Clarke Lee: The Opened Door In Heaven; Revelation 4:1-11 & Various Scriptures

2022-05-01 Terry Herrin: Take Up Your Cross And Follow Him; Various Scriptures

2022-04-24 Terry Herrin: Purifying and Purging; John 3 Verses 18-27

2022-04-24 Clarke Lee: Works and Fruits; Galatians Chapters 2 & 5 & Various Scriptures

2022-04-17 Clarke Lee: Taking Away Purging and Fruitfulness; John Chapter 15

2022-04-17 Terry Herrin: He Is Risen

Annual Meeting AM Services

2022-04-02 AM: Elder Jonathan Moseley; 2Timothy Chapter 1

Annual Meeting PM Service

2022-04-02 PM: Elder Jason Deal; John 16:33

2022-04-02 PM: Elder Jonathan Moseley; James Chapter 1

2022-03-27 Terry Herrin: Are You Ready; Mathew 25:1-13

2022-03-27 Clarke Lee: Writing On The Ground; John 8:1-11

2022-03-20 Clarke Lee: A Testimony of Jesus; Psalm 112

2022-03-20 Terry Herrin: Wheat and Tares; Matthew 13

2022-03-13 Terry Herrin: What Are We To Do; Jude 1:17-25

2022-03-13 Clarke Lee: The Wilderness Way; Various Scriptures

2022-03-06 Clarke Lee: Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet; Psalm 119:105-111

2022-03-06 Terry Herrin: The Crossing of Jordan; Joshua Chapter 05

2022-02-27 Terry Herrin: Followers of Christ Philippians; Chapter 3

2022-02-27 Clarke Lee: He Knoweth Nothing Yet As He Ought To Know; 1Corinthians Chapter 08

2022-02-20 Clarke Lee: For We Are Saved By Hope; Romans 08:01-25

2022-02-20 Terry Herrin: Laborers Together; Various Scriptures

2022-02-13 Opening Remarks Song Prayer

2022-02-13 Terry Herrin: Unconditional Salvation; Acts 2

2022-02-06 Clarke Lee: The Salvation of the Samaritan Woman; John 4:03-43

2022-02-06 Terry Herrin: Shine On; Matthew 5:14-16

2022-01-30 Terry Herrin: The Book of Life; Various Scriptures

2022-01-30 Clarke Lee: How Hard and Rugged is the Way; Various Scriptures

2022-01-23 Clarke Lee: Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit Psalm; 31:5

2022-01-23 Elder Terry Herrin: I Need Thee Every Hour

2022-01-16 Elder Terry Herrin: Never Finally Fall Away; Hebrews 6:4-6

2022-01-16 Elder Clarke Lee: Encouragement in the Lord; 1Timothy 1:18-20

2022-01-09 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalms 47; Spoke Extemporaneous

2022-01-09 Elder Terry Herrin: In Christ; Ephesians 01-07

2022-01-02 Elder Terry Herrin: Wake Up

2022-01-02 PM: Elder Clarke Lee; Passover and Communion

2021-12-26 Elder Clarke Lee: Paul’s Confession; 1Timothy 1:08-17

2021-12-26 Elder Herrin: The Parable of the Sower

2021-12-19 Elder Terry Herrin: Who Is Christ to You? Matthew 16:15-17

2021-12-19 Elder Clarke Lee: God’s Love the Motivating Force; 1Timothy 1:01-07

2021-12-12 Elder Clarke Lee: And Pharaoh Called Joseph’s Name Zaphnathpaaneah; Genesis 41:37-46

2021-12-12 Elder Terry Herrin: Jesus Christ the Only Sure Foundation

2021-12-05 Elder Terry Herrin: A Touch From The Master; Matthew 12:43-45

2021-12-05 Elder Clarke Lee: David’s Answered Prayer; Psalm 40 Verses 01-06

2021-11-28 Elder Clarke Lee: Where is Your Faith? Psalms 49

2021-11-28 Elder Terry Herrin: Psalm 100

2021-11-21 Pastor Terry Herrin: The Gift Of Believing; John 11 Verse 39

2021-11-21 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph A Portrait of Jesus; Part 4 of 4

2021-11-14 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph A Portrait of Jesus; Part 3 of 4

2021-11-07 Elder Terry Herrin: Jesus The Good Shepherd; John 10

2021-11-07 Elder Clarke Lee: Joseph a Portrait of Jesus; Part 2 of 4; Genesis 37:05-11

2021-10-31 Elder Clarke Lee: The Preferential Love of the Father; Part 1 of 4; Genesis 37:01-04

2021-10-24 Elder Terry Herrin: Its All About Jesus; John 5:39-47

2021-10-17 Elder Clarke Lee: Within The Veil; Various Scriptures

2021-10-10 Elder Terry Herrin: Don’t Be Weary; John 4

2021-10-10 Elder Clarke Lee: Walking in Spirit; Various Scriptures

2021-10-03 Clarke Lee: It is Finished; James 1:15; John 19:30

2021-10-03 Elder Terry Herrin: God Was Satisfied; Various Scriptures

2021-09-26 Elder Terry Herrin: Go Tell; Psalms 40:01-10

2021-09-26 Clarke Lee: There Lacketh Not a Man Of Us; Numbers 31:48-49

2021-09-19 Elder Clarke Lee: How Are You Born Again? Various Scriptures

2021-09-19 Pastor Terry Herrin: Fear Not; Deuteronomy 31:1-7

2021-09-12 Terry Herrin: Praise The Lord; Isaiah 12

2021-09-12 Clarke Lee: The King That Faithfully Judgeth The Poor; Proverbs 29:14

2021-09-05 Clarke Lee: The Veil Of The Temple Rent; Matthew 27:51

2021-09-05 Terry Herrin: What A Day That Will Be; Luke 23:32-43

2021-08-29 Elder Terry Herrin: A Blessing Or A Curse; Isaiah 1:01-20

2021-08-22 Elder Clarke Lee: They Shall Come To Me; John 6:37

2021-08-22 Elder Terry Herrin: Sacrificing Our Tongue To The Lord

2021-08-15 Elder Terry Herrin: A Certain Hope; Various Scriptures

2021-08-15 Elder Clarke Lee: God’s Glory Is Upon Thee; Isaiah 60:1-7 & Various Scriptures

2021-08-08 Elder Clarke Lee: The Revelation of the Transfiguration; Matthew 16:28 & various Scriptures

2021-08-08 Elder Terry Herrin: Love Your Neighbor; Proverbs 24:15-18 & Various Scriptures

2021-07-25 Elder Clarke Lee: Psalms 29; Give unto the LORD, O ye Mighty

2021-07-25 Elder Terry Herrin: What is Faith; Romans 4

2021-07-18 Elder Terry Herrin: The Power of Resurrection; Various Scriptures

2021-07-18 Elder Clarke Lee: Seed of the Woman; Genesis 3:14-15 & Various Scriptures

2021-07-11 Elder Jerry Lightsey: The Lord is my Shepherd; His Testimony

2021-07-11 Clarke Lee: The Invisible Monument; Joshua 4:9

2021-07-04 Clarke Lee: The Gift Of God; John 6:37-40

2021-07-04 PM Terry Herrin: Supper Table

2021-06-27 Terry Herrin: Comfort Ye; 2Cor 01:01-04

2021-06-27 Clarke Lee: Numbers 17; The Fruitful Rod

2021-06-20 Clarke Lee: Give unto the Lord; 1Chronicles verses 1-30

2021-06-20 Terry Herrin: Hope thou In God; Psalms 42

2021-06-13 Elder Terry Herrin Laying Up Treasures

2021-06-13 Elder Clarke Lee: The True Vine

2021-06-06 Elder Clarke Lee: The Song of songs; Song of Solomon 1:1-4

2021-05-30 Elder Clarke Lee: Sing Unto The LORD A New Song; Psalms 148

2021-05-30 Elder Terry Herrin: Matters of the Heart; Matthew 5 Verses 17-20

2021-05-23 Elder Terry Herrin: But To Fulfill; Matthew 5:17-18

2021-05-23 Elder Clarke Lee: Two Promises Two Families; Various Scriptures

2021-05-16 Elder Shane O’Neal: The Measuring Stick; Various Scriptures

2021-05-09 Clarke Lee: Two Mothers Two Churches; Several Scriptures beginning in Genesis 29:13-35

2021-05-09 Elder Terry Herrin: Be Ye Salt and Light; Matthew 5:13-16

2021-05-02 Elder Terry Herrin: Matthew 5:10-12; Persecution for Righteousness Sake